Encroachment Project Clarification

Posted on Tuesday October 13, 2020 at 03:21PM

Further to the letter dated September 30, 2020:

Questions have been raised as to what area is being reviewed. The area being reviewed does NOT include the road allowance on either side of Silver Beach Road. The area being reviewed is where properties back onto or are adjacent to undeveloped Summer Village land.

For history on the project:

A complaint had been received about encroachments on undeveloped Summer Village land near their property.
There was an encroachment project completed in 2012 to deal with residents using Summer Village land, basically as an extension to their property: storing items, placing buildings, or clearing and maintaining the land. At that time the area was surveyed, and a list made of the encroachments, and then those encroachments were followed-up on to ensure the area had been cleaned up, or encroachment agreements entered into. The complaint was that now some owners may be encroaching again, and have not entered into an agreement. For fairness in how resident properties are dealt with, a similar project will happen again, to review the affected area to ensure there are no encroachments.
For further information, see Encroachment Policy #2016-023

Author: Summer Village of Silver Beach


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